Buying online has never been as popular as today, the trend has strongly been driven forward by the political measurements to prevent cold infections in 2020 and after, when people were either encouraged or even forced to stay at home at times. This shop is for sure one of the top online places in the UK when it comes to high quality meat, poultry, seafood and certain other gourmet products such as caviar and truffles.

About the Company

Locating the right ingredients to cook with can become frustrating when they’re not found in your local supermarket. Imagine craving a hearty Cassoulet not knowing where you could get quality duck and sausages.

Fine Food Specialist is an online establishment known for providing top quality ingredients from all over the world. A generous selection of French ingredients including meats, cheeses and mushrooms are offered. You can also find many ingredients from other international cuisines!

Fine Food Specialist was founded by ex-Michelin star chef Drogo Montagu in 2010. His vision was to provide home cooks with a wide selection of high-quality ingredients that were hard to find. The company is located in New Covent Garden Market, London and it currently has approximately 50 employees. With more than 14,000 views per month, the company continues to meet the demand of its many shoppers.

Online Shop Offer

Fine Food Specialist’s main product categories are:

Caviar, Seafood and Shellfish, Mushrooms, Truffles, Foie Gras, Wagyu Beef, Meat and Poultry and exquisite Cheese as well as Larder & Greengrocer.

Food Online Shop Gourmet Categories


Looking for truffles? An extensive selection of truffles and truffle products are offered at Fine Food Specialist. From the black truffles native to France to the white truffles of Italy, you’re sure to find what you need in this category.

Foie Gras

Craving a delicate and buttery foie gras? Duck and goose foie gras are available in frozen, fresh and preserved states.


A wide variety of mushrooms are available including porcini and chanterelles from France. They are available frozen, fresh or dried.

Duck Foie Gras

  • Handmade Terrine Duck Foie Gras
  • Rougie Deveined Raw Duck Foie Gras
  • Duck Meat Terrine with Foie Gras
  • Raw Duck Foie Gras
  • Rougie Duck Foie Gras
  • Ficelle Mousse of Duck Foie Gras
  • Rougie Bloc of Duck Foie Gras


  • Brown Shrimp
  • Squid Rings
  • Headless Prawns
  • Rougie Blue Lobster Tail/Claw
  • Black Cod Fillet
  • Black Cod Pieces
  • Black Cod Tail-End Fillets
  • Sicillian Gambero Rosso Prawns
  • Marinated Eel Slices
  • Chilean Sea Bass Canape Strips
  • Wild Chilean Sea Bass Offcut Pieces
  • Salmon Loin and Belly
  • Baby Rice Crabs
  • Mahi-Mahi
  • Bluefin Tuna
  • Whole Tiger Prawns
  • Jumbo Tiger Prawns
  • Soft Shell Crabs
  • Sea Urchin Roe
  • Giant Chilean Wild Sea Bass Fillets
  • Wild Carabineros Prawns
  • Wild Australian Abalone
  • Wild Chilean Sea Bass
  • Wild Argentinian Prawns
  • Botan Ebi Wild Spot Prawns
  • Wild Pink Prawns
  • Wild Yellowfin Tuna
  • Ciporones Baby Squid
  • Obsiblue Prawns
  • King Crab Meat
  • Miso Marinated Black Cod
  • Baby Octopus
  • Vannamei White Prawns
  • Jumbo Wild Roeless Scallops
  • Hiramasa Toro
  • Hiramasa Loin
  • Large Squid Tubes
  • Snow Crab Meat
  • Wild Langoustine Tails
  • Langoustines, Peeled

American Beef

  • USDA Prime New York Strip Steak
  • US Prime Grain-Fed Steak Fillets
  • US Prime Grain-Fed Ribeye
  • USDA Prime Fillet Tenderloin
  • US Prime Grain-Fed Striploin

British Beef

  • 28-Day Aberdeen Angus Tomahawk
  • 28-Day Hereford Cote de Boeuf
  • Bone Marrow Troughs
  • 28-Day Hereford Centre Cut Fillet
  • 28-Day Hereford Fillet Steaks
  • Ox Cheek, Trimmed
  • 28-Day Aged Beef Burgers

Wagyu Beef

To say that Fine Food Specialist has an extensive selection of Wagyu beef is an understatement. Wagyu is considered the best beef on the market because of the perfect marbling, texture and taste. It’s also the hardest to source since Japan has only recently been able to export it. Australian farmers were one of the first to perfect the method after Japan and now Fine Food Specialist makes Wagyu from 5 different origins affordable for you!

Japanese Wagyu Beef:

Fillet, Sirloin, Rib Cap, Ribeye, A5 Wagyu Fat

Australian/Chilean/British Wagyu Beef:

Fresh Ribeye Joint, Sirloin, Minced Meat, Fillet Steaks, Tomahawk, Burgers, Rump Cap Picanha, Rump Steak Picanha, Short Rib, Chuck Denver Steak, Fresh Beef Fillet, Ribeye, ‘Bavette’ Flank Steak


Fine Food Specialist offers a variety of poultry options including quail, duck partridge and chicken. The variety available is a poultry lover’s dream! Tender duck confit and oven-ready black-legged chicken from France are just two of the wonders you’ll find in this category.


  • Chicken Skin, Thighs, Legs, Feet, Necks
  • Chicken Wing Drumlettes
  • Chicken Mince
  • Oven Ready Yellow Leg Chicken
  • Oven Ready Black Leg Chicken
  • Corn Fed: Chicken, Chicken Supremes, Chicken Drumsticks, Thighs and Legs
  • Free-Range Chicken Liver, Free-Range Chicken Thigh Tulips
  • Breaded Chicken Escalopes
  • Chicken Oyster Muscles
  • Spatchcock Poussin


  • Free Range Duck
  • Duck Breast with Foie Gras
  • Mallard, Oven Ready
  • Duck Meat Confit
  • Duck Hearts
  • Barbary Duck Breasts
  • Whole Challans Duck
  • Handmade Confit Duck Leg
  • Duck Rillette
  • Duck Magret


  • Wood Pigeon
  • Squab Pigeon Royal
  • Wood Pigeon Breast


  • Free Range Boneless Quail
  • Quails, Oven Ready
  • Quail Eggs, Peeled

Guinea Fowl

  • Guinea Fowl Supreme
  • Guinea Fowl, Oven Ready


  • Red Leg Patridge, Oven Ready


  • Tender Young Grouse, Oven Ready


From a whole suckling pig to a wide array of sausages, you will have countless options to choose from and use in your meals. Drogo Montagu especially likes to make Iberico Pork Burgers with Smoky Red Pepper Relish. You can find that recipe here.

  • Suckling Pig
  • Suckling Pig Belly
  • Guanciale Cured Pork Belly
  • Coppa
  • Jamon Iberico
  • Iberico Pork Loin Lomo
  • Iberico Bacon
  • Free Ranch Pork Cheeks
  • Pork Ears
  • Pork Jowls
  • Pork Skin
  • Pork Trotters
  • Wild Boar and Apple Sausages
  • Fennel and Chilli Pork Sausages
  • Morteau Sausage
  • Iberico Pork Cheeks
  • Iberico French Trimmed Rib Rack
  • Iberico Pork Presa, Bellota
  • Iberico Pork Secreto
  • Iberico Pluma
  • 100% Iberico Belotta Solomillo
  • Pure Pork Salami
  • Italian Sausage & Ricotta Tortelloni
  • Pure Pork Saucisson ‘
  • Iberico Belotta Pork Chops
  • Alsace Bacon Pancetta
  • Monbeliard Sausages
  • Suckling Pig Shoulder
  • Italian Pork Sausages
  • Italian Pork Sausages with Fennel
  • Mangalitsa Prosciutto Hundok
  • Speck Granfetta
  • Porchetta Ariccia
  • Iberico Pork Fat
  • Suckling Pig Rack
  • 100% Iberico Lomo, Belotta, Sliced
  • 100% Iberico Chorizo, Belotta, Sliced
  • Jamon Iberico Cebo
  • Cotechino
  • Pork Gyozas
  • Iberico Pork Burger
  • Streaky Treacle Bacon
  • Streaky Smoked Bacon
  • Streaky Unsmoked Bacon
  • Black Pudding with Apple


In this category, you are sure to find some specialty cuts such as tongue, heart and kidney. If you’re looking for a quick roast dinner, the noisette cut is a fantastic option. It’s impressive that Fine Food Specialist is able to source even Pyrenees milk-fed lamb as it is very hard to come by. Very little of it is exported and only available from November to June.

  • Lamb Kidneys
  • Lamb Leg Diced
  • Lamb Mince
  • Lamb Tongues
  • Lamb Lungs
  • Lamb Hearts
  • Lamb’s Liver
  • Lamb Sweetbreads

PGI Cornish Lamb Products:

Leg, Shoulder, Noisette, Lamb Noisette Medallions, Sirloin, Cutlets, Rack, T-Bone Chops, Shanks, Saddle Rolled, Cannon, Rump Square

Milk-Fed Pyrress Lamb:

  • Milk-Fed Pyrress Lamb (Coffre)
  • Milk-Fed Pyrress Lamb Leg
  • Milk-Fed Pyrress Lamb Rib Rack
  • Milk-Fed Pyrress Lamb (Culotte)
  • Milk-Fed Pyrress Lamb Shoulder
  • Roti of Milk-Fed Pyrress Lamb
  • Whole Pyrenean Milk-Fed Lamb
  • Milk-Fed Pyrenean Lamb Rib Rack
  • Milk-Fed Segovian Lamb Leg

Lamb Burgers – Chilli and Coriander


Veal is one of the most popular meat options because of its nutritious benefits. It has high amounts of niacin, zinc, protein and vitamins. The deep, flavourful meat is usually paired with potatoes, mushrooms, lemon, garlic and peppers.

  • Veal Brains
  • Veal Rump
  • Veal Fillet
  • French Trimmed
  • Veal Shins
  • Chops
  • Topside Steaks
  • Osso Buco
  • T-Bone
  • Dutch Milk Fed Veal Rump Steaks
  • Calves Tongue
Dutch Milk Fed Veal:

Veal Mince, Burgers, Diced, Ribeye Steaks, Fillet Cote de Veau, Sirloin Steaks, Veal Cheeks, Trimmed, Calves Liver, Sirloin Roast, Escalopes, Cutlets

A section of the website labelled Drogo’s Kitchen is dedicated to a collection of recipes created by Drogo Montagu. Who wouldn’t want to cook like a Michelin star chef! You can browse by diets, season and meal type.


Poultry is raised free-range on a plant-based diet. Geese, ducks, chickens, quails and pigeons are sourced from farmers who are Label Rouge certified. Label Rouge is a French certification for food that is of high quality. Fine Food Specialist collaborates with importers to source fish from suppliers who have the Marine Stewardship Council accreditation.

Caviar is sustainably farmed and sourced from Iran, China, Italy, Poland and France. Gulls eggs are available only 2 weeks per year and are sourced from licensed eggers. The eggs are laid in the Solent as well as Ireland and Scotland.

Recycled matting from the textile industry is used to keep fruits and vegetables healthy. The material is non-toxic and would end up in landfills if not for companies like Fine Food Specialist.

Many of the artisan cheeses have the AOL label so you are guaranteed they are authentic and from the region they are associated with.


Fine Food Specialist makes ordering super easy.

1. Select your items and add them to your cart.
2. Select “checkout” and enter your email address in the required field.
3. Enter your address and select one of the available shipping methods. (See more under heading “Shipping Methods”)
4. Select a date for delivery. (No deliveries are made on Sundays or Mondays)
5. Select your payment method and review your order details.

Payment Methods

Fine Food Selection accepts American Express, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and PayPal.

Shipping Methods

£10.95 Express Named Day Delivery
This shipping method is for deliveries between 8 am – 8 pm on the chosen weekday.

£17.95 Named Day Delivery Pre-12
This shipping method is for deliveries before noon on the chosen weekday.

£19.95 Named Day Delivery Pre-10.30
This shipping method is for deliveries before 10:30 am on the chosen weekday.

£17.95 Saturday Delivery Pre-12
This shipping method is for deliveries before 12 noon on the chosen Saturday.

£19.95 Saturday Delivery Pre-10.30
This shipping method is for deliveries before 10:30 am on the chosen Saturday.


Orders are delivered in dry ice and thermal insulated packaging to keep products at the correct temperatures. While delays are rare, Fine Food Selection ensures items are packaged well enough to survive a delay of up to one day late.

Shipping Options

Delivery Service: 2nd Class Standard Shipping
Carrier: Royal Mail 2nd Class
Eligible items: Non-perishable items under 2kg
Transit time: 2-5 Days
Cost: £3.99
Tracked: Yes
Signed for: No

Delivery Service: 1st Class Standard Shipping
Carrier: Royal Mail 1st Class
Eligible items: Semi-perishable items under 2kg such as edible flowers.
Transit time: 1-4 Days
Cost: £4.99
Tracked: Yes
Signed for: No

Delivery Service: Courier service
Carrier: DPD
Eligible items: All products that are either perishable or over 2kg must be shipped with this service.
Transit time: Next Day Delivery
Cost: refer to “Shipping Methods”
Tracked: Yes
Signed for: Yes

Same Day Delivery is available for some postal codes in London. If you live on a remote island the 2-day transit fee is £29.95. Fine Food Selection also delivers to Europe daily by air and road. For more information, you can visit the FAQ page.

Customer Service

Customer Service is open Mondays to Thursdays 9am – 5pm and Fridays 9am – 4pm. You can call on +44 207 627 2553 or send an email to A response to your email is usually sent in 2 business days.

Customer Satisfaction

On Feefo, Fine Food Selection has an overall product rating of 4.6 out of 5 and the same rating for customer experience. The most recent 5-star review was posted on 25/5/2021 by Rosemarie P and she stated, Brilliant service, lovely fresh products!. She purchased 5 items including the Veal Rump and Salami with Cracked Black Pepper.

On the most recent 1 star review, a trusted customer commented, “A little disappointed. Mushrooms were not fresh, were wilted. Delivery charge was way overpriced. Product way overpriced for what it was.” The company responded the same day offering assistance.

Fine Food Specialist is rated 2.5 out 5 on Facebook based on 19 reviews. The most recent review posted on 2/05/2021 by Karen F. stated “Great communion and a fantastic service. I ordered some wagyu steaks (frozen) to be delivered the Isle of Lewis. They put extra ice in the packs and it arrived still cold and partially frozen. I was amazed it had not all thawed. The steaks themselves were absolutely delicious. A wonderful treat. I highly recommend Fine Food Specialist.” She even posted pictures of grilling the meat!

Fine Food Specialist is certainly one of the best places to buy hard to find ingredients. The website is user friendly and items are labelled with specific origins as well as a brief description. Every ingredient has a story and it shows the dedication and effort the staff put into the website. Customer service is courteous and helpful so there’s no reason not to give Fine Food Specialist a try!