Bernard de Nonancourt

Bernard de Nonancourt devoted his entire life to the world of champagne, where he grew up, worked and struggled. It was his mother who recognised the great potential of the champagne house and bequeathed it to her son. He managed to conquer a fan community worldwide – Laurent Perrier received his legendary reputation. In 1998, the champagne house became the official purveyor to the Prince of Wales.

The Origin of Laurent Perrier – Champagne with Cult Status

The French winery Laurent-Perrier can look back on more than two hundred years of history and has retained its independence and quality standards to this day. The reputation of Laurent Perrier Champagne is legendary and has survived several wars.

Still a Family Business

The winery is still family-owned by the heirs of the owner family de Nonancourt, who successfully resisted a takeover by large corporations. The Laurent-Perrier brand has its origins in 1812 and the winery is based in Tours-sur-marne in Champagne, France.

The cultivation areas of the most excellent grape varieties that are used for the sparkling champagne are located here. Only fine sparkling wine from the small region of Champagne is allowed to bear the name Real Champagne. This makes it unique and sought-after worldwide.

Back in History

In the Golden Twenties, Marie-Loise Nonancourt put all her savings into the purchase of the Laurent Perrier Champagne House, which was already famous at the time, and defended her estate during the Second World War with all the means at her disposal.

After the war, her son Bernard took over the management of the house and worked entirely in the spirit of his passionate mother. Although the stock is extremely diminished, he manages to open up worldwide sales markets within a very short time and to create new great wines and champagnes.

Laurent Perrier’s champagne achieves a legendary reputation. The owner was helped in this by renowned cellar masters and loyal employees.

The Winery’s Exceptional Corporate Philosophy

To this day, the Laurent-Perrier champagne house and winery are considered very socially minded. Both externally and internally, the philosophy of the house is characterised by respect and love.

The nature of the wines is respected, quality is constantly promoted and the relationship with people, employees and customers alike, is permanently cultivated.

Alexandra and Stéphanie, the daughters of Bernard Nonancourt, consistently strive for the independence of the Laurent-Perrier house and are interested in continuing the old and well-established ethical values. In keeping with the old tradition, new grape varieties are always being grown, tested and combined.

Bernard Nonancourt then increased the proportion of Chardonnay grapes, which to this day gives the champagne a uniquely refreshing aperitif style and in the meantime also gives the tangy, light Laurent Perrier Rosé considerable cult status. Through various bottlings, every lover receives his or her own personal noble drop with a gentle sparkle guarantee for every occasion.

Laurent Perrier Champagne for special enjoyment.

champagne grapesLaurent-Perrier owes its unique cult status above all to the success of the fresh champagne wines created by cellar master Michel Fauconnet. His philosophy continues to inspire wine and champagne production to this day. Stylish presentation in artfully labelled bottles with recognition value, outstanding taste and consistently high quality characterise the champagnes from Laurent-Perrier.

The delicate rosé in particular is a noble drink for special occasions and has a distinctive, feminine character. The fine perlage of this drink with its delicate salmon red colour is just as convincing as the fresh aroma of red wild berries and a hint of morello cherries.

RoséThe excellent Laurent Perrier Rosé champagne is not available in supermarkets, but only in good specialist shops and from selected online retailers.

Despite or perhaps because of the limited supply, Laurent-Perrier champagnes are among the most sought-after luxury sparkling wines in the world. The magnum and double magnum bottles from Laurent-Perrier are legendary, and they like to be presented in a victory pose on the Formula One podium and opened bubbly.

Often, the demand for the noble champagne clearly exceeds the annual production. For despite its unique taste, Laurent-Perrier Champagne is a thoroughly affordable noble drink.

Bernard de Nonancourt dedicated his entire life to the world of champagne, where he grew up, worked and fought – Laurent Perrier gained a legendary reputation.

He managed to conquer a worldwide fan base and so the champagne house became the official purveyor to the court of the Prince of Wales in 1998.

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